Суздаль Золотое кольцо России
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The Suzdal Kremlin

The most ancient part of Suzdal — the Kremlin. The composite center of the Suzdal Kremlin is the cathedral of Christmas of the Virgin of XII century. Southern and western gates a cathedral, executed in technics(technical equipment) fire gilding, are a unique monument of arts and crafts of ancient Russia.

Into ensemble of the Kremlin also enter Архиерейские chambers Xv-XvIivv. - the most ancient monument of civil architecture of Suzdal, a belltower (1635г.), known for hours-chiming clock.
In 1967 from village Glotovo of the next Yuriev-Polskiy area it has been brought and installed in the Kremlin court yard wooden Nikolskaya church (1776).
Now in rooms of the Kremlin expositions of the Vladimir-Suzdal memorial estate, and on a ground floor members of higher orders of clergy chambers — restaurant of Russian kitchen «Trapeznaya» are placed.

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